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Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn / Lonestar

Walking In Memphis - 

Trumpet solo, 2 pages.
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Walking In The Air (The Snowman) - Trumpet and Piano - Howard Blake

Walking In The Air (The Snowman) - Trumpet and Piano - 

Trumpet or Bb cornet and piano.
Raymond Briggs' charming Christmas story about the adventures of a boy and the snowman that comes to life is a modern children's classic. The tales popularity has been further enhanced by frequent television broadcasts of the award-winning cartoon film ...

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Warm-Ups and Studies - James Stamp

Warm-Ups and Studies - 

For Trumpet and other brass instruments.
Content: breathing, preliminary warm-ups, basic warm-ups, alternative warm-up, warm -up III - power exercise, slur exercise, trill exercise, bending exercise, supplementary study, octave study, scale velocity, concentration, quick breath exercise, ...

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Wedding Music for Classical Players - Trumpet

Wedding Music for Classical Players - Trumpet

Trumpet and piano. Book with online audio of piano accompaniments.

Score and Solo Part.

Intermediate level arrangements for violin and piano accompaniment, in a range flattering to the violine. The music has been edited with added dynamics, articulations, and phrasing, making ...

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Wedding Music for Trumpet and Organ - Philip White

Wedding Music for Trumpet and Organ - 

Trumpet Bb or D with Organ. Book with CD (only full performance). Advanced Level.

Titles are: Thou art The King of Glory (Handel),
Flourish for a Festive Occasion (Philip White),
Trumpet Tune, Prince of Denmark's March (Clark)
Toccata and Fanfare (Philip White) ...

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Wedding Trumpet Solos

Wedding Trumpet Solos

The Wedding Essentials series is a great resource for wedding musicians, featuring beautiful arrangements for a variety of instruments. Each book includes a reference online audio to help couples choose the perfect songs for their wedding ceremony or reception.

This folio for trumpet ...

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Welcome to Trompette - Jean-Louis et Matthieu Delage

Welcome to Trompette - 

Trumpet Bb solo. Language: French. Book with CD. Easy level.
La collection Welcome to, c’est de la musique de films, de la musique classique, de la variété, du jazz... le meilleur de la musique, spécialement adapté pour chaque instrument dans une tonalité simple avec des play-back ...

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West Side Story for Trumpet - Leonard Bernstein

West Side Story for Trumpet - 

Instrumental play-along, book and CD.

10 songs from Leonard Bernstein's classic musical arranged for solo instrumentalists: America • Cool • I Feel Pretty • I Have a Love • Jet Song • Maria • One Hand, One Heart • Something's Coming • Somewhere • Tonight. The ...

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West Side Story Instrumental Solos - Bb Trumpet - Leonard Bernstein / Joel Boyd, Joshua Parman

West Side Story Instrumental Solos - Bb Trumpet - 

Instrumental folio. With a CD of Piano Accompaniments.
These solo instrumental arrangements are faithful to Bernstein's score, and have been idiomatically adapted to the instruments for these editions. Intermediate to Advanced Level. CONTENTS: Jet Song • Something's Coming • ...

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Where The City's Ceaseless Crowds - Michael Nyman

Where The City's Ceaseless Crowds - 

Trumpet and piano. Intermediate / advanced level.
Where The City's Ceaseless Crowds is a piece composed for Trumpet and Piano for an experimental 1920 film, 'Manhatta', which acclaimed composer Michael Nyman wrote in 2003.

The title of the piece comes from a poem by ...

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Whodunnit - Kelly Brian

Whodunnit - 

Trumpet Bb with Piano, Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot is 'set to music' for the first time, along with a cast of suspicious characters including Lavinia Lurex (Actress), Miss Slight (Spinster of this Parish), Colonel Glib (Retired) and, of course, The Chief Suspect. Dedicated to ...
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Wicked - Trumpet - Stephen Schwartz

Wicked - Trumpet - 

13 songs from the Broadway sensation arranged for solo instrumentalists with a great accompaniment CD. Songs include: As Long As You're Mine, Dancing Through Life, Defying Gravity, For Good, I Couldn't Be Happier, I'm Not That Girl, No Good Deed, No One Mourns The Wicked, One Short ...
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Windows - Peter Eben

Windows - 

Trumpet Bb with organ. Advanced level.
Fine art has always been a prominent source of inspiration for Petr Eben (1929-2007). Chagall's stained-glass windows for the synagogue in Jerusalem gave an impulse for the four movements for trumpet and organ commissioned by the city gallery in the ...

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Winner Scores All  - Peter Lawrence

Winner Scores All  - 

Trumpet Solo (also suitable for Eb/F horn, Baritone, Euphonium and Eb Bass)
Eighty three popular tunes for the unaccompanied player.

Titles are:
Titles are:
Always Look on the Bright Side
The Bare Necessities
Capriccio Italien
The ...

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Winner Scores All for Treble Brass - Peter Lawrence

Winner Scores All for Treble Brass - 

Trumpet Solo (also suitable for Eb/F horn, Baritone, Euphonium and Eb Bass), Easy level. Book with CD.

Titles are:
Always Look on the Bright Side
The Bare Necessities
Capriccio Italien
The Christmas Song
Close Every Door to Me
Dance ...

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