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Absolute Beginners Ukulele - Omnibus Edition - Steven Sproat

Absolute Beginners Ukulele - Omnibus Edition - 

The complete Absolute Beginners method - all in one book!
Book and CD, beginner level.

Absolute Beginners has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first time you play your ukulele. Step-by-step pictures take you from first day exercises to playing ...

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ASAP Ukulele - Middlebrook Ron

ASAP Ukulele - 

Learn how to play the ukulele way.
This easy new method will teach you the ukulele ASAP! First, take a few moments to learn the parts of the instrument, the different types of ukes, the correct holding position, and how to tune up. Each exercise in the book has been designed to teach you the ...

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Baritone Ukulele Aerobics

Baritone Ukulele Aerobics

Baritone ukulele, for all lelves: beginner to advanced. Book with online audio.
Suitable for players at all levels, from beginner-advanced, Baritone Ukulele Aerobics is a 40-week one-lick-per-day workout program for developing, improving and maintaining your technique on the Baritone Ukulele. ...

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Ref: 90378  Prijs: € 21.20  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Beginnerscursus Ukulele - Peter Gelling

Beginnerscursus Ukulele - 

Ukulelemethode, boek met audio en video online. Gratis toegang tot video en audio van alle voorbeelden in dit boek.

Leer zelf alles wat je weten moet om nummers op de ukulele te kunnen spelen. Behandelt zowel essentiële speeltechnieken voor de linker- en rechterhand, zoals akkoorden, ...

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Ref: 82265  Prijs: € 22.75  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Berklee Solo Ukulele - Karen Hogg

Berklee Solo Ukulele - 

Ukulle TAB, book with audio online.
Learn to play ukulele solo! This book will help you arrange and perform ukulele pieces unaccompanied. You will learn essential ukulele techniques to capture the instrument's unique sonority and character, such as Campanella technique, clawhammer, ...

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Ref: 107685  Prijs: € 19.90  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Corso Per Principianti: Ukulele

Corso Per Principianti: Ukulele

Ukulele, book wiht downloads, Italian.
Il Corso per Principianti è stato progettato per insegnarvi tutte le nozioni di base per suonare il vostro strumento. Le immagini vi accompagneranno passo dopo passo e fin dal primo giorno di studio suonerete assieme a una base musicale!

Una ...

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Ref: 93033  Prijs: € 13.95  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Discovering Fingerstyle Ukulele - Colin Tribe

Discovering Fingerstyle Ukulele - 

Ukulele, book with online audio. Easy to intermediate level.
Discover new skills on the ukulele with this comprehensive guide to fingerstyle playing.
Learn how to navigate the fretboard and play melodies and harmonies with fluidity and expression.
Begin with chord shapes already ...

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Ref: 97416  Prijs: € 29.90  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Essential Strums & Strokes for Ukulele - Lil' Rev

Essential Strums & Strokes for Ukulele - 

Ukulele, with video online.
Stuck in a strumming rut? Learn to become a proficient ukulele strummer with this excellent book and video lesson pack! Celebrated uke master and teacher Lil' Rev details a variety of strumming techniques, from clawhammer to the zig-zag stroke to punk rock ...

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Ref: 86420  Prijs: € 21.20  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

FastTrack Chords & Scaels for Ukulele - Chad Johnson

FastTrack Chords & Scaels for Ukulele - 

Ukulele, book with audio online.
This fast way to find just the chord or scale you need is the perfect companion to the FastTrack ukulele method book. No instruction book can teach you every chord you need to know. That's why we created this user-friendly reference book, jam-packed with ...

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Ref: 105373  Prijs: € 11.70  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

FastTrack Ukulele Method - Book 1 - Chad Johnson

FastTrack Ukulele Method - Book 1 - 

Ukulele, book and audio online. Beginner level.
Fast Track books are fun and user-friendly, step-by-step instruction books with CD, to help you to quickly master basic playing techniques and learn to play great songs.
Fast Track: Ukulele - Book1, in addition to teaching you what you need ...

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Ref: 77572  Prijs: € 9.60  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

FastTrack Ukulele Method - Book 2 - Chad Johnson

FastTrack Ukulele Method - Book 2 - 

Ukulele, easy level. Book with online audio.
You've been through FastTrack Ukulele 1 several times, and you're ready for more – you came to the right place! This fun continuation in the series begins right where Book 1 ended – you'll learn more chords, more rhythms, plenty ...

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Ref: 100119  Prijs: € 11.70  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

First 15 Lessons - Ukulele - Michael Ezra

First 15 Lessons - Ukulele - 

Ukulele, book with media online, TAB.
A Beginner's Guide, Featuring Step-By-Step Lessons with Audio, Video, and Popular Songs!

The First 15 Lessons series provides a step-by-step lesson plan for the absolute beginner, complete with audio tracks, video lessons, and real songs! ...

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Ref: 102799  Prijs: € 11.70  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

First Lessons: Ukulele - Jerry Moore

First Lessons: Ukulele - 

Learn to strum and pick both harmonies and melodies, how to hold the uke properly and how to play without reading music. Book with CD, beginners level.
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Ref: 25893  Prijs: € 9.50  € 6.65  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

Fretboard Roadmaps - Baritone Ukulele - Fred Sokolow

Fretboard Roadmaps - Baritone Ukulele - 

Baritone ukulele, book with audio online.
Take your baritone uke playing to the next level with this great package that will teach you how to: strum backup chords all over the fretboard, in any key; play chord solos up and down the fretboard; solo in any key using first-position major scales, ...

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Fun With The Ukulele - Mel Bay

Fun With The Ukulele - 

This book/CD package presents tuning, proper positioning, basic chords (C tuning) and folk songs for strumming and singing. Very easy to comprehend even for the absolute beginner. The companion CD in stereo play-along format and contains all of the songs from the book.
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Ref: 39577  Prijs: € 16.45  € 11.52  Voeg toe aan uw bestelling

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Noligraph Staff WriterSuzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonKorg Chromatic Tuner CA50