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Bach at the Double - Professor Teddy Bor

Bach at the Double - 

2 violins and double bass, score and parts. An immensley popular ensemble work for any concert. Duration ca. 5'. Level 3-5.
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Care To Tango? Book 1 - Michael McLean

Care To Tango? Book 1 - 

3 Violins and Piano.
The music for Michael McLean’s popular CD Care to Tango? is now available in two collections -- Care to Tango? Book 1 and Care to Tango? Book 2. Book 1 is for two or three violins and piano, while Book 2 is for two violins and piano. These fun arrangements give ...

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Chamber music for young string players 1 - Laszlo Rossa

Chamber music for young string players 1 - 

Score, Supplementary material for the Colourstrings method (revised edition) for 3 violins and cello ad lib.
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Compatible Trios for Strings - Violin - Larry Clark, Doris Gazda

Compatible Trios for Strings - Violin - 

32 Trios That Can Be Played by Any Combination of String Instruments
Arranged or composed by Larry Clark
Transcribed and edited by Doris Gazda

If you have a couple of friends who play another instrument and you want to play some trios with them for fun or in a performance, then ...

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Csardas Polka et Cetera - Ernst Thilo Kalke

Csardas Polka et Cetera - 

Nine European Dances, for three violins, degree of difficulty 3-4. Contents: American gipsy, Schwarze augen, Hava Nagila, Havenu shalom, Zwei gitarren, Rhapsody nr. 6 nach Franz Liszt, Ein Haydnpass!, Schwarzer Sonntag, Pi-Pa-Polka.
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Gavotte and Hornpipe - Henri Purcell/ Roanld C. Dishinger

Gavotte and Hornpipe - 

Violin Trio, score and parts, grade 2-3.
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Konzert In F-Dur RV 551 für 3 Violinen - Vivaldi / Karolyi

Konzert In F-Dur RV 551 für 3 Violinen - 

3 Violins and piano, parts and score.
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Leichte Stücke der Vorklassik für 3 Violinen heft 1

Leichte Stücke der Vorklassik für 3 Violinen heft 1

Three Violins (Also suitable for three recorders or clarinets). Easy level.
Titles are:
Newsidler, H: Preambel, Polnischer Tanz, 2 Welsche Tänze, Nonnentanz
Judenkunig, H: Niederländischer Tanz
Milan, L: Villanelle
Anonym: Canzone
Anonym: Tanz
Caroso, F: Rotta ...

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Mars (Eurovision song) - M Charpentier / L Gall

Mars (Eurovision song) - 

Violin trio.
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Movie Trios for All - Violin - Story Michael

Movie Trios for All - Violin - 

Violin, A versatile, fun series intended for like or mixed instruments to perform in any combination of instruments, regardless of skill level. All books are in score format with each line increasing in difficulty from Grade 1 to Grade 3–4. Perfect for concerts with family and friends, recitals, ...
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My Trio Book: The Music Of Suzuki Volume 1 - 2 Arranged for Three Violins - Kerstin Wartberg / Suzuki

My Trio Book: The Music Of Suzuki Volume 1 - 2 Arranged for Three Violins - 

This series contains all of the pieces from Volumes 1 and 2 of the Suzuki Violin School arranged for three violins. Suzuki Violin Volume 1 serves as the violin 1 part. The pieces can be played with or without piano accompaniment, which expands their performance possibilities. Another advantage is ...
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Progressive Trios For Strings - Violin - Doris Gazda

Progressive Trios For Strings - Violin - 

26 Trios That Can Be Played by Any Combination of String Instruments. Progressive Trios string books are compatible with each other.
Titles are:
Rigadoon (Purcell)
Black Forest Waltz (German Folk Song)
Thanksgiving Hymn (Elvey)
Flow Gently. Sweet Afton (Spilman)
Sweet ...

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Ragtime, Waltz et Cetera  - Ernst-Thilo Kalke

Ragtime, Waltz et Cetera  - 

Violin trio, score and parts. 10 dances for three violins. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
Stoptime Rag (Scot Joplin)
Rhododendron Rag (Ernst-Thilo Kalke)
Pleasant Moments (Scot Joplin)
Florentiner Marsch I (Julius Fuçik)
Florentiner Marsch II (Julius Fuçik) ...

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Rock’n’Roll et cetera - Ernst-Thilo Kalke

Rock’n’Roll et cetera - 

Violin trio, score and parts.

Titles are:
Bock auf Rock
Five o' Clock Rock
Gloryland (Spiritual)
Lolli's Lullaby
Einzug der Gladiatoren I (Julius Fuçik)
The Fiddler's Booggie
Schatten und Licht
Einzug der Gladiatoren II ...

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Romanian Folk Dances for 3 violins - Cleopatra Valentina Perepelita

Romanian Folk Dances for 3 violins - 

3 Violins, titles are: Nostalgia, Jumping Dance, Shepherd's Song, Let's Dance, Hop - Hop, Country Fair In The Carpathians, The Old Castle, Rustic Dance, Pastorale, Dance From Maramures
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