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  • Instrument: Viool
  • Categorie: Boek Populair Mix
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A New Tune A Day: Performance Pieces - Violin

A New Tune A Day: Performance Pieces - Violin

Violin solo, easy level. The celebrated and award-winning series continues with a selection of pieces in a wide range of styles and varieties, chosen to give you a superb repertoire of music at an early stage.

From well-known classical melodies and showstoppers of the stage, to jazz ...

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A New Tune A Day: Pop Performance Pieces for Violin

A New Tune A Day: Pop Performance Pieces for Violin

An inspiring collection of pop songs, clearly presented with a playalong CD for the advanced beginner.

These pieces have been chosen and arranged to build a repertoire of pop songs for performance and for fun, and include classic hits from Abba and Frank Sinatra through to contemporary ...

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Albanian Folk Tunes for Young Violinists - Edmond Sinani

Albanian Folk Tunes for Young Violinists - 

Violin Solo.

Titles are:
Moj zoge (Kruj)
Mori cuca (Shkodr)
Ne jemi dy sheboja (Shkodr)
Dy dele (wedding dance) (Tirane)
Sa bukur na ka dal' nusja (Shkodr)
Emira qi shkon me dhen (Shkodr)
Introduksion Unge (Tirane)
Mas nia' saj kalaje ...

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All Time Klezmers - Violin - Johow

All Time Klezmers - Violin - 

Violin, position 1-3, titles are: Der Mirjambrunne, Odoms Nechome, Tates Freilach, Main Umet, A Ganef, Nanis Vals, Stempenjus Fiedel, Dudaim, Naftules Freilach, Naftule Brandwein, Di Mechaje, Harrys Freilach, Scholem sol sajn, Lomir Tanzn,
The Ragged Freilach, Mordechaj, Zorres un Masel, ...

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Appalachian Fiddle Music - Drew Beisswenger

Appalachian Fiddle Music - 

Appalachian fiddle music, based on the musical traditions of the people who settled in the mountainous regions of the southeastern United States, is widely-known and played throughout North America and parts of Europe because of its complex rhythms, its catchy melodies, and its ...
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Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes - ed. Ros Stephen

Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes - 

41 pieces including tangos, milongas, chamames, zambas and chacareras. Violin.
A beautiful and wide-ranging collection of 41 great tunes from all over Argentina. This collection features tangos, milongas, chamamés, chacareras, zambas and gatos as well as earlier styles and new compositions. ...

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Bags of American Folk for Violin - Mary Cohen

Bags of American Folk for Violin - 

Violin solo. Easy Level.
Bags of American Folk is an introduction to the wonderful world of traditional American music – favourite tunes passed down from one generation to the next, many from the early pioneer days. Written by renowned sting teacher and author, Mary Cohen, and suitable for ...

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Bags Of Fun for Violin - Mary Cohen

Bags Of Fun for Violin - 

Violin Solo. Easy Level.
Bags of Fun For Violin is packed with imaginative pieces for absolute beginners: try chattering with skeletons, making a gate creak, admiring an octopus trampolining and watching frogs doing high jump!
Written by leading string pedagogue Mary Cohen, this book is ...

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Bags Of Showbizz for Violin - Mary Cohen

Bags Of Showbizz for Violin - 

Violin Solo. Easy Level.
Bags of Showbiz is jam packed with great film, pop, TV and show tunes, from Harry Potter to High School Musical, Dr Who to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Each piece is complete in itself, so does not need an accompaniment, but for fun you could ask a friend to improvise a ...

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Bags Of Style - Violin - Mary Cohen

Bags Of Style - Violin - 

Violin Solo, easy level.
Bags of Style takes you on a fantastic musical journey through ten centuries of time, from the 12th to the 21st century. This is great material for concerts, or to liven up history or drama lessons and is suitable for players of grades 2-3 standard.
Titles are: ...

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Bags of Tunes for Violin - Mary Cohen

Bags of Tunes for Violin - 

Violin solo, easy level.
Bags of Tunes for Violin by Mary Cohen is a wonderful introduction to the world of traditional music, ideal for violinists of Grades 1-2 standard. The pieces are gently progressive and are all based around the first two finger patterns. They are ideal for ...

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Beau Solo - Beisswenger, Drew

Beau Solo - 

Beau Solo is a collection of 12 Cajun fiddle tunes transcribed from Michael Doucet’s CD of the same name. Selections include Grand Tasso, Valse Acadienne, One-Step d’Amedee, Valse a Pop McGee, Blues Acadiens, Grand Mamou, Chez Varise Connor, La Betaille, Gigue d’Acadie, Two-Step d’Ambrose, ...
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Best Of Pop - Violin

Best Of Pop - Violin

Violin, book with audio accompaniment online. Easy to intermediate level.

De bundel Best of Pop uit de succesvolle serie De Haske Instrumental Play-Along bevat een selectie van vijftien van de populairste songs van de jaren zestig tot het begin van de 21 eeuw. Naast onvervalste ...

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Big Book of Violin Songs

Big Book of Violin Songs

Violin Solo.
Instrumentalists will love these collections of 130 popular solos, including: Another One Bites the Dust • Any Dream Will Do • Bad Day • Beauty and the Beast • Breaking Free • Clocks • Edelweiss • God Bless the U.S.A. • Heart and Soul • I Will Remember You • ...

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Cafehaus Musik

Cafehaus Musik

Violin I/II with Piano, titles are: Wiener Blut (Strauss), Amboß Polka (Albert Parlow), Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 6 (Brahms), Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson), Classic Modern, Narcissus (Nevin), Melodie in F (Rubinstein), Zwei Guitarren (Ferraris), Der Rosenkranz (Nevin).
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