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C'est en toi, bien-aimé - 't Is in u, zoetste lief - Auguste de Boeck

C'est en toi, bien-aimé - 't Is in u, zoetste lief - 

Voice and piano - Frans - Vlaams.
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Cabarent Songs - Dominick Argento

Cabarent Songs - 

Medium voice and piano.
Five songs from the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer of From the Diary of Virginia Woolf, Six Elizabethan Songs, Songs about Spring, and more.

Who Could Have Known?
You Are A Love Song
The Luckiest Woman
Sai Tu Perchè
You ...

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Cabaret Songs - Benjamin Britten

Cabaret Songs - 

Medium Voice with piano.
These four fantastic cabaret songs are splendid examples of the genre. They not only provide ample evidence of the composer's and poet's wit and high spirits, but are also wholly characteristic of a particular kind of vernacular music that resulted from the ...

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Cabaret Songs - Ten Great Songs Ideal for Auditions

Cabaret Songs - Ten Great Songs Ideal for Auditions

Ten great audition songs for women, with full backing tracks for each song. A unique CD and music pack specially developed for female singers auditioning for shows, revues and bands. The music book features piano, vocal and guitar arrangements of all 10 songs and the CDs give you professional ...
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Cancion Al Arbol Del Olvido - Alberto Ginastera

Cancion Al Arbol Del Olvido - 

Vocal with piano.
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Canciones - Joaquín Rodrigo

Canciones - 

Volce and piano.
Text writer: Victoria Kamhi - Carlos Rodriguez Pinto - Teodoro Llorente - Anonym - Josep Carner - Rosalía de Castro - San Juan de la Cruz - Francisco de Figueroa - Salvador Jacinto Polo de Medina - Juan Bautista de Mesa - Lope de Vega - Gerardo Diego - Luis Hernandez Aquino ...

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Canciones Amatorias - Enrique Granados/ Rafael Ferrer

Canciones Amatorias - 

Vocal with piano,
titles are:
Descúbrase el pensamiento de mi secreto cuidado
Mañanica era
Llorad, corazón, que tenéis razón
Mira que soy niña, amor déjame!
No Iloréis, ojuelos
Iban al pinar (Serranas de Cuenca)
Gracia mía (Cantar).

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Canciones de Dos Epocas - Joaquin Rodrigo

Canciones de Dos Epocas - 

Vocal with piano. Avanced level. Language: Spanish.

Titles are:
Romance de la infantina de Francia
Porqué te llamaré?

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Canciones De La Sablonera - Felix Sierra

Canciones De La Sablonera - 

Piano, vocal duet, book and CD.
1. Puñalitos dorados
2. Amor, no me engañarás
3. Bullicioso y claro arroyuelo
4. Cantaréis, pajarillo nuevo
5. Desvelada anda la niña
6. Enjuga los bellos ojos
7. Fuese Bras de la cabaña
8. No me tires ...

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Canciones Sefarditas - Manuel Valls

Canciones Sefarditas - 

Soprano voice with Flute and Guitar
Traditional Spanish songs (Sephardic Songs), composed by this Catalan composer and theorist (1665 - 1747).
Abrix, Mi Galanica
Adio, Querida
Durme, Durme
Irme Quiero, La Mi Mare
La Rosa Enflorece
Paxaro ...

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Candlebird - Martin Suckling

Candlebird - 

For baritone and large ensemble. Score.
Martin Suckling's critically acclaimed Candlebird is a stunning song-cycle for baritone and ensemble, based on the poems of Don Paterson. The first performance was given by Leigh Melrose, baritone, and the London Sinfonietta, conducted by Nicholas ...

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Cantata BWV 51: Praise ye God thruout creation - Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen - J.S. Bach

Cantata BWV 51: Praise ye God thruout creation - Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen - 

Soprano voice with piano, Cantata for the 15th Sunday after Trinity, text German/English, Urtext edition.
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Cantata BWV 58: Ach Gott, wie manches Herzelied - J.S. Bach

Cantata BWV 58: Ach Gott, wie manches Herzelied - 

Vocal Score/ Piano Reduction. Language: German/ English
Soprano and Bas with piano.
Sunday after New Year

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Cantate 203: Amore Traditore (Ital. - German) - Bach, J.S.

Cantate 203: Amore Traditore (Ital. - German) - 

Bas Voice and cembalo.
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Canti per voce e pianoforte - Giacomo Pucicni/ Riccardo Pecci

Canti per voce e pianoforte - 

Voice with piano, The present collection of 16 smaller vocal compositions is doubly a novelty: On the one hand, among these are three works presented here which were either lost for more than a century (Dios y Patria), or they were never published in their definitive form (Salve Regina and Ad una ...
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Boston Music Stand Dual LED Light with clamp mount Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Jo Mahieu Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki Noligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken)
Boston Music Stand Dual LED Light with clamp mountPop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionNoligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken)